Monday, January 10, 2011

The Benefit of Reading English Newspaper

Reading newspapers is very beneficial to all individuals especially for the young and old. The gains are both immediate and long term. As pupils, we can derive a few benefits from reading English newspapers.

Firstly, we can improve our command of English language. Reading is the best way to learn a language. The learning is three dimensional that is we can get to learn the expressions, see the print and learn the spelling of the words. This is surely more effective than watching television or listening to the radio, which is only one dimensional.

Secondly, we can keep abreast of what is going on in the world around us. The newspaper is the best source of news for the latest events in the world. This world is quite and unpleasant place. There are wars, murders, epidemics, natural disasters, and etc. Nevertheless, there will be some goods news such as weddings and birthdays to cheers us up. If we do not read an English newspaper daily, we will just like frogs living in a well.

Thirdly, we can gain a lot of general knowledge from newspapers. We can find some feature articles of all sorts in the newspaper such as food, health, fashions, inventions, medicine, politic issues and many more. The world is changing and developing at a very rapid pace. We must keep reading such articles so as not to be left out of this globalised world.

Lastly, we can derive some pleasure when reading newspapers. There is a bit of everything for everyone in a newspaper. If we wants to find out something about the latest eating places or music or TV shows or our horoscope, we will not be disappointed. If we are depressed, the comics sections may cheer us up. Reading newspapers is a good way to unwind after a heavy day.


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